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Organizational Change Architects & Behaviour Specialists

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is about helping you to find the balance in the different areas of your life. This, does not strive for perfection ….because we are not perfect…. but allows you to live and embrace imperfect wholeness! It is not about solving your problems for you. Life Coaching recognizes that you are "naturally creative, resourceful and whole" (Coaches Training Institute). It recognizes that you have the answers!

Life Coaching is about the future. Starting from where you are now, we design a 'self empowered' alliance to get you where you want to be. "The journey is the reward….not the destination" (Chinese proverb).

Life Coaching is about you and partnering on your journey to live the fullest expression of yourself. I serve as a facilitator in identifying what is really important to you and enabling you to step into what truly brings you alive!

Life Coaching is not therapy. In therapy the onus is on the Doctor to make a diagnosis for the patient taking into account the past in detail.

Here, there is no diagnosis and the onus is on the client to reach within themselves, with guidance, to find the answers. You do not hand over the power in your life to anybody. You learn to recognize it, own it and use it!

Hiring a Life Coach is not a need, it is a desire!

As a Life Coach my job is to hold you accountable to the actions necessary to create the life you want. You have friends for advice who care about maintaining your relationship. You have a Life Coach to keep you on the path to achieving your goals.